iiofJOY offers a range of courses, workshops and one to one services to help you experience more ease throughout your life journey

We have a range of services to suit every need. Amongst our courses, programmes, workshops and one to one services you will find everything you need to raise and sustain your vibration. The intention is to provide you with the know how, so that you become empowered to hold a higher vibration and live your best life, positively impacting those around you just by being a higher version of yourself.


The group work via the Share in my Spirit course, and also the workshops, seminars, talks and classes are a valuable way to learn how to raise your vibration in a very supportive environment both in and out of the classroom. Working in groups allows you to connect with like minded individuals and form networks and friendships which can transform lives. It is a safe place for individuals to really be themselves without judgment.


Because we are all so unique, we also offer the one to one consultations, which are detailed at the bottom of this page. They allow you the time and space to access the most intimate and private parts of yourself to release any stubborn joy thieves.


  • Share in my Spirit

    Originally consisting of 5 modules, this course has now been expanded to 6 modules. Share in my Spirit is a bridging course...

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  • Workshop: DNA Communication Blueprint

    Breaking Down the DNA Communication Blueprint Aims: These workshops are exclusively prepared to help...

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  • Re-Create Me! Manifestation Programme

    Clearing - Clear old energies of the past and reset your intentions for the...

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  • Living In Joy with Yoga

    Get to know the 10 founding principles of Yoga (the yamas & niyamas) and...

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  • Super Living with Jac

    Listening to our bodies and ensuring we are nutritionally well balanced is an important...

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  • Creative Wellbeing…

    Creative Wellbeing An Exciting New Energy Management System. Learn how to Create your own...

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